Replicate ldap domains automatically

Jan Kowalsky jankow at
Wed Dec 6 13:15:16 CET 2017

Hi all,

we are running ldap replication for our kolab domains which works fine.
Until now we configured all manual. But kolab webadmin brings
functionality for doing this for every new domain which is added by the
webadmin. If I understand right, the only prerequisite should be one
already configured replication and that the other ldap-server is
reachable with same directory manager credentials

While the replication of the domain databases works in fact - this isn't
true for the cn=kolab,cn=config tree. So the domain data are available
but the domain itself (as associated domain) isn't known to kolab as
long as we don't add it on the other ldap server manually.

So probably it's necessary to replicate also the cn=kolab,cn=config
tree. But actually I don't get this to work. Is it necessary to have
ldap data of cn=kolab,cn=config in database instead of ldif in

And how to achive this? Anyone have an Idea? This part of kolab is not
one of the best documentated.

Best Regards

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