Using Roundcube+Plugins+DAV files without LDAP

Ed W lists at
Fri Oct 11 16:34:34 CEST 2013


>> Would someone be kind enough to give me a quick overview of what I will
>> need to change to fully integrate with a mysql based DB, rather than
>> IMAP? As near as I can see, not many changes are needed, but I can't
>> tell yet whether I will need to implement my own auth or whether I can
>> just use the normal roundcube auth?  Also I don't understand where the
>> addressbooks are being stored from eyeballing the code, phrased in a
>> bigger picture way, where else do you use LDAP and hence where might I
>> need to re-implement an integration to avoid breaking things?
> Hi
> We are working on it. We have our instalallation of Imap and we want 
> to use only plugins for RC and some addons (Syncroton/Chwala/iRony).
> There is a lot of of work with it.. depending on existing system.

Could you give me a quick overview of what you did so far to achieve 
this integration?  I haven't started to plug with it yet, but it's 
looking deceptively like it might be reasonably straightforward from 
eyeballing the code? What issues have you hit? Did you need to write 
additional auth/integration modules?


Ed W

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