Using Roundcube+Plugins+DAV files without LDAP

Andrzej Kwiatkowski andrzej.kwiatkowski at
Thu Oct 10 12:24:30 CEST 2013

W dniu 08.10.2013 12:05, Ed W pisze:
> Hi, I have an existing setup which is based around an internal mysql
> database. We have a bunch of infrastructure built inhouse which
> maintains users in that, etc.  However, what you guys are doing with
> roundcube, the calendar and contacts integration and the new DAV file
> storage is just fantastic and I would like to figure out how I might
> integrate it with my mysql backend
> I have poke around the current git source and it seems like there is
> great encapsulation of nearly all the major components, including the
> LDAP auth.  However, I also see reference to IMAP based auth?
> Would someone be kind enough to give me a quick overview of what I will
> need to change to fully integrate with a mysql based DB, rather than
> IMAP? As near as I can see, not many changes are needed, but I can't
> tell yet whether I will need to implement my own auth or whether I can
> just use the normal roundcube auth?  Also I don't understand where the
> addressbooks are being stored from eyeballing the code, phrased in a
> bigger picture way, where else do you use LDAP and hence where might I
> need to re-implement an integration to avoid breaking things?
> Grateful for a leg up here.  From what I can see, fantastic code
> abstraction which should actually make this quite possible - thanks!


We are working on it. We have our instalallation of Imap and we want to 
use only plugins for RC and some addons (Syncroton/Chwala/iRony).

There is a lot of of work with it.. depending on existing system.


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