disabling non-mail folders via IMAP - what does it break?

Erik M Jacobs erik at jumpshipservices.co
Tue Oct 8 22:21:20 CEST 2013

We are testing Kolab 3.1 development on CentOS6 and trying to test
various IMAP clients.

I've noticed that, when connecting my IMAP client (Thunderbird),
non-mail folders are shown (ex: Calendar, Contacts, etc.).  Since many
users are not super intelligent when it comes to email, it would
probably be beneficial to disable these folders via IMAP because
Thunderbird/Mac Mail and etc. cannot properly parse the items in there

To that end:

1) Would disabling those folders being available (by default) via IMAP
break anything (ex: kontact)? Our current clients are primarily using
Mac Mail and Thunderbird only.

2) Is it possible to disable those folders from being presented by IMAP
by default?


Erik M Jacobs
Director, JumpShip Services
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