UPDATE: Upgrade/migrate from Kolab 2.1 SUSE Native install to OpenPKG 2.2.3 version DB problems Debian5

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Mon Apr 26 06:01:42 CEST 2010

Quoting Skip Morse <skipmorse at gmail.com>:

> I was able to fix the DB errors, instead of only copying the
> mailboxes.db and annotations.db, I copied also, the whole db folder,
> db.backup1, db.backup2, and the deliver.db and it's folder (and
> changed to proper permissions after)...
> I had a slight issue with a blank screen on horde, but i was able to
> login with explorer, so I can try to piece that out...
> My main concern at this point is that within horde, all mail is
> showing as unseen, is this normal, or is there a way around this? I
> thought the seen info was held within each user's mail directory,
> maybe that's not the case?

The information is held in the cyrus.index files in the various  
folders in /kolab/var/imapd/spool/

Either they are missing or cyrus imapd is unable to read them. You  
could try to use the "reconstruct" tool that comes with the cyrus  
imapd installation but I'm not certain that this will be able to  
reconstruct your flags (such as "seen").



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> From:  <skipmorse at gmail.com>
> Date: Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 3:53 PM
> Subject: Upgrade/migrate from Kolab 2.1 SUSE Native install to OpenPKG
> 2.2.3 version  DB problems Debian5
> To: kolab-users at kolab.org
> Howdy all,
> I thought I had worked my magic, but something has gone sideways,
> hopefully someone can help.
> I've somewhat successfully upgraded/migrated my install... Well, after
> a lot of comparing files, testing and importing/exporting, I've hit a
> snag...
> After starting kolab 'openpkg rc all start', it seemed like things
> were working as expected, I was able to login to the admin page and
> all users, shared folder, distribution list etc... were there.
> Then I tried logging into horde and the page seemed to just timeout,
> so I started looking for logs...
> in my /kolab/var/imapd/log/imapd.log, I'm getting a lot of these:
> <warning> imap[6974]: DBERROR db4: file /kolab/var/imapd/mailboxes.db
> has LSN 173/5203582, past end of log at 1/10193
> <warning> imap[6974]: DBERROR db4: Commonly caused by moving a
> database from one transactional database
> <warning> imap[6974]: DBERROR db4: environment to another without
> clearing the database LSNs, or removing
> <warning> imap[6974]: DBERROR db4: all of the log files from a
> database environment
> I verified that the annotations.db and mailboxes.db were set to use
> the berkeley format in imapd.conf and in the .template file.
> This might be were I went wrong: I thought, since it was still in
> 'berkeley' format and was uncorrupted and would be reading from the
> same mail spool, all should be fine if I just copied the file. I also
> dumped it to a text file before, so I could use that if I have to.
> The reason I did this is because we use the toltec connector, and long
> ago I had some back and forth with Joon about upgrading the server and
> shared folders 'uploading' from outlook as local folders per user. The
> last word on that was that it would happen if the UUID of the folders
> on the server changed. My GUESS is that maybe the UUID is stored in
> the mailboxes.db, and if that's the case, I figured importing the dump
> into a new db would change those values (I did reply to joon about the
> possibility of retaining those values with no response).
> Any ideas? Ultimately, I just need to keep the mail, and have the new
> server see the same UUID's as the old so toltec doesn't start
> uploading folders/messages. I can't really tell passed this point if
> what I've done works other than this issue, but I 'feel' like I'm
> close.
> ** also, there's nothing in that log about annotations.db which I also copied
> -Skip
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