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> Am Dienstag, den 30.03.2010, 11:57 +0200 schrieb Gunnar Wrobel
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>> Hi Alexander,
>> Quoting Alexander Schröter <webmaster at>:
>>> Hi
>>> little Information upfront. I installed kolab through openpkg source on
>>> ubuntu 9.10 disabled the openpkg apache and installed horde on the
>>> native apache2.
>>> Because I had problems with kolab(ldap) database driver to safe the
>>> prefs I switched to mysql.
>>> Now the real problem. I installed kronolith and set it up to use kolab.
>>> Which seems to work somehow, because when I add entries they show up in
>>> the imap folder for the calendar data. But they don't show up in horde
>>> on the calendar page.
>> Hm, I don't think we really support this approach at the moment. I
>> wish it would be easier to get Horde working with Kolab from the
>> vanilla Horde sources. But right now this is not trivial.
>> All I can say is that you should probably try to debug the
>> Kolab_Storage handler. This is the module that is responsible for
>> reading in the Kolab XML attachments.
>> Cheers,
>> Gunnar
> Ohh really I just figured it would work. I tested the horde vanilla source
> with the debian native installation and it worked quite well. Guess I
> thought wrong :(
> I am pretty much going through all this trouble to get Kolab
> (Horde,FB&Admin) working with the native apache. What do you think would be
> the best approach to accomplish that? I am somewhat running out of ideas.

I believe the easiest way is copying the whole PHP part from the  
/kolab/ section into your native apache. Make sure you require all PHP  
library locations (mainly /kolab/lib/php but there is also  
/kolab/var/kolab/php for the web admin - need to get rid of the latter  
at some point). If you get the include paths and the permissions  
right, you should be able to run the apps also in your native apache.  
Not absolutely trivial either, but I think it might be worth a try.



> Regards Alexander
>>> I set the log to debug but I don't get any error msg or anything that
>>> suggests any problem ... just stuff about the sql sessionhandler (debug
>>> no errors)
>>> I don't know if its relevant but I had the following bug:
>>> Horde Version 3.3.6
>>> Kronolith Version 2.3.3
>>> Regards Alexander
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