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Thomas Spuhler thomas at
Fri Apr 9 06:06:02 CEST 2010

On Thursday 08 April 2010 04:17:25 am wp1133599-user wrote:
> Hi things to check would be.
> Outgoing Mail
> #1 postfix.log is the outgoing mail status=sent
> #2 Check if port 25 blocked.
> #3 Is postfix running.
> #4 Test if only outbound mails are not delivered. If Internal mails are
> delivered but outgoing not, this should indicate that port 25 is blocked.
> Incoming Mail
> #1 Is your Computer the mailserver for the specific domain
> #2 Again is port 25 blocked.
> #3 Is postfix running
> #4 Did you set "accept mail from internet" = yes
> There are probably more things to be aware of but if kolab is running
> correctly these are the points I would be checking out first.
> Also check out the wiki
> Good Luck
> Alexander
> > I packaged kolab-2.2.3 on Mandriva
> > I set up two e-mail users through the Webadmin interface. All worked
> > nicely (well this sounds too good, I spent a lot of time getting this
> far.
> > Using thunderbird I can send e-mail and they go into the Sent folder.
> > looking in the info.log and syslog all looks very nicely, no errors I
> can
> > see
> > But the e-mail never arrives. there are sent mails in the
> > /var/spool/imap...... folder, but no incoming mail.
> > Sending mail using telnet looks fine too.
> > 
> > I would appreciate help in debugging. Where should I look, what tests
> > should I build in or use, etc.
> > 
> > I can provide the log files, I am running this on a virtual server and
> > there is no sensitive info in it.
Well, this is a test set-up and I am not sending e-mails to the real world. I am doing that from a kolab-2.1.0 installation that works on the same box.
I appreciate the link to the trouble shooting web site, but I couldn't find anything there that I haven't seen already.

I am attaching the info.log file. I hope some would see something there
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