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If you are experiencing crashing in Outlook with the Insight Connector and
without, it may be that you have an Outlook Add-in that is causing the
problem.  To troubleshoot this, disable all of the add-ins and restart
Outlook.  If it is stable, start adding them back, one at a time until you
figure out which one is causing the problem.

I would also HIGHLY recommend updating your windows operating system and
Outlook with Microsoft Update.  Often times, bugs are fixed simply from
doing an update.


You have one user that is experiencing problems with XP/Outlook 2007
crashing.  What is unique about this user's environment?  You may not want
to give this information out in a forum.  If you would like to take this
offline, I would be happy to assist you.  I can be reached at my work email
address (dfinch at

The "Download Headers Only" option should be "enabled" when performing the
"initial synchronization" of Outlook.  After that initial synchronization is
complete, it can be turned off.  We have found that users with poor networks
and mobile users (laptop users) benefit from having "Download Headers Only"
turned off (disabled) also (after the initial synchronization).

Another setting you may want to look at is the "Timeout Setting" on the
"Connections" tab under the "Accounts" button on the Insight Connector
toolbar.  By default it is set for a LAN environment (set to "0").  If your
mail server is not a part of your LAN, then you can adjust this setting to a
value between "30" - "600" (seconds).  This setting essentially requests
that the server keep the connection open for the specified number of seconds
before timing out - thus closing the connection.

I hope that helps.



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> wrote:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > I have a strange problem on one of the mashines.
> > I Imported a pst with bynari-connector 3.1.9 into kolab on an XP with
> > Outlook2003, everything went fine, eaven syncing with an TomTom PDA works
> > with ActiveSync.
> > Now the same user has a Laptop with Vista and also Outlook2003.
> > I managed to set the security policy that he can access the samba server,
> he
> > also can access the horde of the kolabserver, but when I connect to it
> with
> > outlook2003, outlook crashes/hangs. I also tried to connect without the
> > bynari connector, simply by adding the server as IMAP-Account, same
> problems,
> > outlook crashes.
> > With bynari connector it syncs for a few seconds and does import the
> > folder-structure and some emails, but then "Outlook does not respond".
> >
> > Has anyone here same problems on vista??
> > Are there other secpols I have to edit to connect the server or is this
> simply
> > a vista feature ;-))
> >
> > Greetings from belgium, Sascha
> We have the same problem, but with Outlook 2007. Outlook 2003 works
> more or less stable, but 2007 for one user keeps crashing. User is
> working for a whole day, but in the morning Outlook just stops with
> the same behaviour - after a few seconds after startup - not
> responding. As a work around we instructed that user how to change the
> option of "download headers only" and it helps for a while - set that
> option, restart outlook, send receive, exit outlook, start outlook,
> remove "download headers only option", send receive, restart outlook.
> We observed that o2007 cannot work with 'remove headers only" set (it
> crashes then you open a email). But playing with this option helps in
> some cases.
> BTW all this is on winxp machine.
> Liutauras
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