sieve / kde kontact problems / bugs

Matthias Henze lists at
Thu Jan 4 18:49:32 CET 2007

ITSEF Admin wrote:

> On Thursday 4 January 2007 14:55, Matthias Henze wrote:
> [...]
>> when a user is set up non of the sieve scripts is activated by default.
>> this may be considered as a bug as the default delivery script looks like
>> this:
>> require "fileinto";
>> if header :contains ["X-Kolab-Scheduling-Message"] ["FALSE"] {
>> fileinto "INBOX/Inbox";
>> }
> [...]
> AFAIR, a script like that is only needed when using Outlook and a suitable
> connector. I seem to remember that there was some weirdness in Outlook
> requiring this, but never followed up on it, as we moved to Linux-only
> anyway. In a Linux-environment, I never needed such a filter (and in fact
> no such filters are present on our server). My guess therefore is that you
> can safely ignore this.
> As for custom sieve scripts: We are using squirrelmail as webmail
> interface at the moment, and decided to use its "avelsieve" plugin for
> sieve editing. Therefore, we discourage the use of the Kolab webinterface
> to enable the vacation message and rather encourage all users to use
> avelsieve to make a vacation message - that way, you don't run into the
> problems of the vacation message inadvertently disabling delivery filters
> (which IMO is one of the weaker points of Kolab). Downside is that
> avelsieve is *not* a sieve parser, hence, it cannot interpret existing
> filter scripts that were generated e.g. manually. However, in our
> situation, hardly any of those filters existed, so that was not that big a
> problem.
> Cheerio,
> Thomas

hi thomas, 

ok, i see. perhaps upcoming kolab versions handle filtering in a more
consistent way. for me personally all this is no problem. but when i roll
out kolab setups at customer sites i need some thing complete and



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