sieve / kde kontact problems / bugs

ITSEF Admin itsef-admin at
Thu Jan 4 15:37:04 CET 2007

On Thursday 4 January 2007 14:55, Matthias Henze wrote:
> when a user is set up non of the sieve scripts is activated by default.
> this may be considered as a bug as the default delivery script looks like
> this:
> require "fileinto";
> if header :contains ["X-Kolab-Scheduling-Message"] ["FALSE"] {
> fileinto "INBOX/Inbox";
> }

AFAIR, a script like that is only needed when using Outlook and a suitable 
connector. I seem to remember that there was some weirdness in Outlook 
requiring this, but never followed up on it, as we moved to Linux-only 
anyway. In a Linux-environment, I never needed such a filter (and in fact no 
such filters are present on our server). My guess therefore is that you can 
safely ignore this.

As for custom sieve scripts: We are using squirrelmail as webmail interface at 
the moment, and decided to use its "avelsieve" plugin for sieve editing. 
Therefore, we discourage the use of the Kolab webinterface to enable the 
vacation message and rather encourage all users to use avelsieve to make a 
vacation message - that way, you don't run into the problems of the vacation 
message inadvertently disabling delivery filters (which IMO is one of the 
weaker points of Kolab). Downside is that avelsieve is *not* a sieve parser, 
hence, it cannot interpret existing filter scripts that were generated e.g. 
manually. However, in our situation, hardly any of those filters existed, so 
that was not that big a problem.



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