sieve / kde kontact problems / bugs

Matthias Henze lists at
Thu Jan 4 14:55:13 CET 2007


i've some problems with sieve looks like some of them are bugs or i've not 
understood basic kolab concepts.

my setup: kolab 2.1 beta 3, kde kontact 1.2.3 with kmail 1.9.5

when a user is set up non of the sieve scripts is activated by default. this 
may be considered as a bug as the default delivery script looks like this:

require "fileinto";
if header :contains ["X-Kolab-Scheduling-Message"] ["FALSE"] {
fileinto "INBOX/Inbox";

so by default scheduling messages should not be delivered to the inbox IMHO. 
correct me if i'm wrong. considering this as correct deactivating 
of "redirect" and "vacation" should automatically activate default delivery 
script. if i'm right then the redirect and vacation scripts also lack the 
blocking of scheduling message delivery.

as non of the scripts is active by default activating sieve scripts with kde 
kontact fails. it only works if there is allready an active sieve script. i 
think this is a kontact bug.

as i want (no, really need) custom sieve scripts they may break these logic 
too. is there any solution ?

activation of the vacation message does not work at all with kde kontact. it
fails with a "invalid URL" message.


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