mail to shared folders

Matthias Henze lists at
Fri Jan 5 09:02:23 CET 2007


can please some one tell me how to configure a shared folder so that i can
send mail (internal and external via internet) to it ?

what i've done by now:

- created a shared folder for mail
- added a addressbook entry with the e-mail address 

as described here:

permissions are:

localhost.localdomain> lam shared.test at
anyone lrswipda

when i mail to: kolab+shared.test at as described in the FAQ the
mail is not accepted with "user unknown".

when i mail to: test at mail is accepted by postfix, amavis and
kolabfilter - i can observe this in the logs - but cyrus fails to deliver
it to the shared folder and so kolabfilter creates a bounce.

i use: kolab 2.1 beta 3

can some one please help !


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