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Aleksander Machniak machniak at
Wed Jun 4 13:23:22 CEST 2014

On 06/04/2014 11:56 AM, Sandro Knauß wrote:
> for beeing able to auto configure the client, we should create a file at the 
> server to get most settings for the client. As base I used the Thunderbird 
> autoconfig file [1]. 
> I added additional xml tags for ldapserver, freebusy and identities.

Some notes to consider:
- all these sections should be put inside emailProvider.
- maybe instead of <ldapServer id="..."> we should do <addressbook
type="ldap" id="...">?
- in Roundcube identities can be in HTML format

> Different modes:
> * requesting the file with auth basic  -> fill out password etc.
> * without login data -> return the file with %PASSWORD%, %USER%,...
> Using other urlpaths:
> or split everypart into an own file:
> would be only a xmlfile that refers to the other parts.

I think there's no need for separate files. These most likely would be
handled on the server by the same service.

Because to provide extended config (e.g. identities) we need to
authenticate user and because Mozilla actually does only configuration
without authentication (and on http not https) I think we can use any
(new) xml format in any URL we choose that starts with https:// and will
require authentication.

Thunderbird uses two locations:

So, we could use also two, but I'd change http:// to https:// and
config-v1.1.xml to kolab-v1.0.xml. That would be best from autoconfig
service perspective.

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