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Wed Jun 4 14:10:05 CEST 2014

On Wednesday 04 June 2014 13.22:58 Sandro Knauß wrote:
> But it can also go diffently like you think:
> 1. setup with (email, pasword (and host))
> 2. the kolab resource start
> 3. finds the config folder and setup the parts, that are missing, identies, 
> ldapserver, freebusy, akonadi,...

We should think of multiple clients, and best usability for this, I guess.

So from the email address we could try to "guesstimate" the host, and query 
its "magic" URLs (which might be in IMAP). If we cannot guess it, we need to 
ask the user a second time.

Whatever authentication request we get (there may be other things than 
passwords involved) we handle accordingly.

And yes, for Akonadi that may mean we simply kick off the Kolab resource in a 
sensible way and it then sets up everything else as per your configuration. So 
a fresh machine would mean:

	(a) Login
	(b) Start Kontact
	(c) Enter primary Email
	(d) Enter authentication
	(e) Wait

After which this machine has the "reference" setup.

Some complexity to consider with multiple Kolab servers (storing different 
configurations, potentially), as well as other clients (we may want to 
automatically generate as many automagic URLs/Files as we can).

So a little tricky under the hood.

But I'd very much be for aiming to making a Kolab configuration object the 
canonical storage for such things, for it is extensible and its evolution can 
be made update-safe,

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