How to conclude KEP2 for good

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Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Our proposal is to start a new wiki page with to try and summarize the
> missing argumentation lines and suggest a solution with the rest as a
> design decision on which there will be a short feedback period which will
> then hopefully allow us to shorten the KEP to only the relevant points.

Perhaps consider splitting up the KEP (retiring this one) as per my suggestion 
four months and some weeks ago;

After all, there seem to be two legs in the KEP #2 discussion;

1) the inclusion of a 'tz' tag or attribute including;

  - what the value for it should be,
  - which datetime stamps are to include the 'tz' tag/attribute,
  - which values to use for the 'tz' tag/attribute, and
  - where to obtain UTC offsets and DST changes from, given any of the allowed 
'tz' tag/attribute values.

2) the datetime itself and notation format thereof, including;

  - whether or not to use UTC or local time in the datetime stamp,
  - what datetime stamp notation format to use (applicable to using local time 

One is not tied in with the other.

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