Recurring events with timezone

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Hi Joon,

On Wednesday 20 October 2010 10.39:46 Joon Radley wrote:
> I do not understand the need for a "sticky" time zone. Could you maybe
> elaborate on this with a use case? 

It's the same use case as elaborated by Hendrik.

DSTs change out of sync, or not at all, depending on the region and you want 
to be able to specify with which time zone to remain synchronised. You are 
always able to calculate from UTC to any current time in the world - that is 
correct. But right now you cannot tell the intention of the person making the 
event as to where that event should be "local."

One possible solution would be to add another field that defines this. Another 
solution would be to add timezone information - and that seems to be the 
preferred solution among most people commenting here right now, and the way 
most other applications do it.

What I would like to see more input in would be the "floating" time zone 
concept that translates "to wherever you are right now" as explained by 
Bernhard in his mail to this thread.

Do other applications model this? And if so: How?

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