names of default folders (Re: [Kolab-devel] autocreate functionalities in cyrus)

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On Friday, November 12, 2010 12:09:18 pm Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> When we thought about this, we deliberately did not do this as it adds an
> unnecessary requirement and it is a source for trouble, because then we
> have two markers for defaults folders: The standard name and the
> annotation. Furthermore people like to have different names in their
> folders and this is highly dependent on whom they are sharing the folders
> with. So there is no easy default language in a Kolab installation where
> people have different languages.

I think that for the default groupware folders created when the user first 
logs in and no groupware folders exist yet, the wrong choice has been made.

Any Kolab client SHOULD;

1) use the properly annotated default folder first (e.g. /vender/kolab/folder-
type event.default),

2) use any folder annotated correctly but not default per-se (e.g. 
/vendor/kolab/folder-type event) and possibly ask to choose/confirm the 
default folder,

3) create a properly annotated default folder in the English language.

Step 3) is the proper approach because it can then be localized using the 
client application's l10n settings, which cannot be done if the source 
language is arbitrary and the target language is arbitrary. Step 1 and 2 will 
prevent additional folders from being created by accident, and can thus be 
used to catch legacy scenarios, as well as scenarios in which the client 
chooses to in fact, effectively, rename the annotated default folder to 
something no program can translate during it's presentation.

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