names of default folders (Re: [Kolab-devel] autocreate functionalities in cyrus)

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Fri Nov 12 13:09:18 CET 2010

Am Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010 10:31:08 schrieb Alain Abbas:
> > As far as I remember, when designing the format, our idea way back then
> > was that the clients are creating the default groupware folders and they
> > should create them as necessary and in their local language.
> >
> > So if default folders are missing that your client (e.g. the z-push sync
> > client) needs, it could just create them.
> Yes but the problem is that we haven t normalization about the names and
> for exemple if you connect first time
> with horde Horde create "Agenda" (in my language) and if you connect the
> first time with Outlook (bynari or others)
> it creates "Calendrier" 

We should make the web client create what the reference clients create.
Overall I believe this is only a minor issue. You can of course rename
your folders later.

> and some clients doesn t put annotations or read 
> it to retrieve the default calendar (for example)

Those clients are not Kolab compatible, 
they might be broken in other ways as well so we should not care much
for them, instead warn users about them.

> The user have sometime 2 calendars or 3 created by one or 2 or 3
> applications

Identify and fix broken clients.

> i think it would be good to have a name convention for all applications.

When we thought about this, we deliberately did not do this as it adds an 
unnecessary requirement and it is a source for trouble, because then we have 
two markers for defaults folders: The standard name and the annotation.
Furthermore people like to have different names in their folders and this is 
highly dependent on whom they are sharing the folders with. So there is no 
easy default language in a Kolab installation where people have different 

ps: Almost is a format question I guess.

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