event XML 1.1 (fix recurrances)

Gerd v. Egidy gerd.von.egidy at intra2net.com
Wed Jan 17 14:14:02 CET 2007

Hi Martin,

> > why can't you change the body in a subevent?
> IIRC you can chang the body in a subevent when using Outlook _but_ this
> changes ths body of the complete series!!

I just checked this in Outlook: you can modify the body of one subevent 
without changing the complete series.

> > how about priority? i can't find priority in the event specification,
> > just in the task specification. but ol definitivly has a priority option
> > for each calendar entry and it can be changed individually for each
> > recurring event.
> Yes, the priority is missing. I will add it. Please note that the semantics
> of the priority field is subject to change as the old definition is broken.
> But I can already add it know to finalize the syntax.

Thank you.

> Did you verify that the change to the priority in a subevent works as
> expected? (not changing the priority of others)

I checked this too: in Outlook you can change the priority of one subevent 
without touching the others.

Kind regards,


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