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Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Wed Sep 22 15:35:28 CEST 2004

Hi Reinhold,

> > It depends on how you resolve your contacts. 1 contact can have 
> > multiple email addresses, but as each email address must be unique, 
> > the email address can always be used to find the contact.
> I don't think it can work that way. Both my father and my 
> mother use the same email address. You don't want to say that 
> the kolab server thinks that my father and my mother are the 
> same person, do you?
> Bottom line is, one contact can have different email 
> addresses, but different contacts can also have the same 
> email address. 
> However, each contact can have a preferred email address, 
> which will be used by the distribution lists (at least in KDE).

A shared email address is very rare, I do not have one in over 4000
contacts. How many do you have?

Is there any use case where the combination of display name and email
address will not find you a contact? If yes, does it really matter?

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