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Fri Jun 18 17:10:03 CEST 2004

Hi David

> > Did the Cyrus guys say that this was the only way to do it? 
> I suppose nobody asked them yet? So I just did (on cyrus-devel).
> I asked what was their plan for annotatemore support, and 
> whether they would accept a patch from me that allows 
> /vendor/* as an entry name.
> (I had a look at the code first :)
> > It that's the case
> > then I think we should create a patch for it, and try get it 
> > integrated into Cyrus.
> I suppose the "we" means KDAB, above? :/ Or were you volunteering? :-)

Never volunteer, offer your services. 

Yes I will do it gladly. One line of code is my specialty. :-)


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