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Christoph Erhardt christoph.erhardt at sicherha.de
Sat Jun 10 19:08:54 CEST 2017

Hi hede,

good work. :-)

> Is there a way to mix user branches/repositories? your repo is missing
> packages, my repo is missing packages, but both together should be enough
> to build rebar3 and guam!?
I don't know OBS supports such a feature. One possible workaround that comes 
to mind is that we collect the respective packages in one user's home 
project and the owner gives the other guy write access (via the "Users" 
tab). That would kind of defeat the purpose of the "personal home project" 
concept, though.

We could also carry on as is for the time being. I think it's a good idea to 
get stuff into Winterfell rather sooner than later, from which point on 
anybody has an opportunity to contribute.

> Btw. some of your packages where tar.xz source files were re-compressed to
> tar.gz are failing for Fedora_25. I've branched again from original
> winterfell, copied your debian files to my branch, re-compressed the 
> to tar.gz and Fedora_25 compiles fine. I don't know why this works, the
> files should be identical!?
Lolwhut? No idea what may have caused this. Side note: I did the original 
repacking on my laptop which runs on - yes, exactly - Fedora 25.
(I hadn't explicitly tested building the RPMs because I had disabled the 
non-Debian repositories in my home project for faster build times.)

> I've added the missing deps to my home:branch and compiled them on my own
> build host. erlang-eimap is building. But on obs there's some error I do
> not understand. see debian 9 build log:
> https://obs.kolabsys.com/package/show/home:hede:branches:Kolab:Winterfell/
> erlang-eimap
Doesn't look like a particularly expressive error message to me (as is typical 
of Erlang, according to sources familiar with the matter). We may have to peek 
into the code to debug this.

Best regards,
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