[Kolab-devel] erlang / rebar errors

hede kolab983 at der-he.de
Sat Jun 10 22:18:28 CEST 2017

Hi Christoph.

Am Sat, 10 Jun 2017 19:08:54 +0200 schrieb Christoph Erhardt <christoph.erhardt at sicherha.de>:

> Hi hede,
> good work. :-)

Thanks. But plenty of work is still missing. 

> I don't know OBS supports such a feature. One possible workaround that comes 
> to mind is that we collect the respective packages in one user's home 
> project and the owner gives the other guy write access (via the "Users" 
> tab). That would kind of defeat the purpose of the "personal home project" 
> concept, though.

Would be fine with me.

> We could also carry on as is for the time being. I think it's a good idea to 
> get stuff into Winterfell rather sooner than later, from which point on 
> anybody has an opportunity to contribute.

Yep. Sounds like a good plan. That would supersede the multi-writeable home project. 

> > I've added the missing deps to my home:branch and compiled them on my own
> > build host. erlang-eimap is building. But on obs there's some error I do
> > not understand. see debian 9 build log:
> > https://obs.kolabsys.com/package/show/home:hede:branches:Kolab:Winterfell/
> > erlang-eimap  
> Doesn't look like a particularly expressive error message to me (as is typical 
> of Erlang, according to sources familiar with the matter). We may have to peek 
> into the code to debug this.

Seems to be some missing config. Or a non-read- or -writeable config-dir. Depends on internet source. I don't know where it's searching - particularly I don't know why it's working for me but not on obs. 

Maybe some more skilled erlang and rebar user/developer can add in here!? Aaron Seigo? 


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