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Christoph Erhardt christoph.erhardt at sicherha.de
Mon Jun 5 22:48:54 CEST 2017

Hi hede,

I'm not aware of any communication platforms for developers other than this 
mailing list, IRC (#kolab on Freenode) and Phabricator (https://
git.kolab.org). You're definitely right in your observation that not a lot 
is going on at the moment. The perceived number of people who regularly push 
stuff to OBS is probably a handful or so.

My feeling is that we as the community are currently lacking a bit of 
direction. This isn't exactly helped by the fact that Kolab Systems appear 
to be largely minding their own business (with the exception of Jeroen).

In particular, I'm not aware of any roadmaps, feature plans or release 
schedules for Kolab 17. That said, a stream of packet upgrades has been 
rolling in from Winterfell, so maybe we now factually have a kind of quasi-
rolling-release model? That's something I could personally live with.

I'm currently working on ironing out some rough edges in the recent package 
updates that have turned the upgrade path on Debian into a bit of a headache 
(php-kolab, php-kolabformat, irony). Also, I hope I'll be able to help out a 
bit with getting the Kolab packages into shape for the upcoming Debian 9.0. 
Oh, and then there's still a bunch of packages in Winterfell that refuse to 
be built at all or that are built incorrectly for Debian: guam, erlang-
eimap, rebar3 + its dependency hell, ...

So even without a clear roadmap for the future, there's definitely enough 
stuff to do right now and any helping hand is appreciated.

Best regards,

On Monday, 5 June 2017 18:54:56 CEST hede wrote:
> Hi Christoph,
> Am Sun, 04 Jun 2017 11:08:47 +0200 schrieb Christoph Erhardt 
<christoph.erhardt at sicherha.de>:
> > I can log into OBS without problems.
> > However, I can reproduce the "500" error when I try to log in with my
> > email
> > address instead of my user name. Maybe that's what's causing your issue.
> thanks - I missed that. Indeed I tried with my email address only.
> Never thought of trying my username instead after getting a 500. ;-)
> Nevermind.
> But referring my other question: This dev-list seems quite silent in the
> last weeks. Is there some other platform where development discussion goes
> on or has development (at least the community driven one) really stalled a
> bit?
> regards
> hede
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