[Kolab-devel] Changing the primary email address via webadmin - and its implications

Thomas Brüderli bruederli at kolabsys.com
Mon Mar 9 19:02:46 CET 2015

Daniel Hoffend wrote:
>> Hello Thomas
> I just tried to reproduce your bug. I'm also using a centos6 VM with
> kolab:devel packages. I've tried to reproduce the renaming error but
> couldn't force it. In my test scenario (same like yours) the whole
> mailbox got renamed as expected.

OK, I have to apologize for the noise. I had Cyrus event notifications 
turned on on my dev box and obviously these are causing the errors and 
abort the mailbox renaming process in the middle of the execution.

With notifications turned off (which is the default of course) all works 
as expected.

After giving my initial questions another thought, I entirely agree with 
your opinion that adding aliases for the old primary address should 
remain up to the administrator and not become an implicit behavior.

So I'll now file some tickets for Cyrus regarding the event notification 
system. But this thread can be closed.

Thanks a lot for the responses!


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