[Kolab-devel] Notes client for Android

Ing. Konrad Renner konrad.renner at kolabnow.com
Fri Mar 6 21:31:07 CET 2015

Hi community, I have searched for an Android app which can sync/display/edit 
notes from a Kolab server (incl. Notebooks, Tags, etc.), but I didn't find one 
(the exchange clients can sync the notes, but not notebooks). 

I am a Java developer so I started to implement a library which can handle notes 
in the Kolab V3 format on my own. The library can also sync notes with a Kolab server 
via IMAP (getting notes already works, sending to the server is not finished yet). 
You can find the code here: https://github.com/konradrenner/kolabnotes-java (the Android branch contains the code which runs on Android).
This library uses the java-mail API, for the IMAP connectivity. Sadly important parts 
of this API/library are not supported by Android, because java-mail uses java.awt, 
which is not available on Android. There already exists a project which tried to port java-mail 
to Android, but it seems that there is no development anymore and it does not support Multipart-Mimemessages. 
So I ported java-mail on my own to Android (I replaced the java.awt dependencies), you can find 
the code in this repository: https://github.com/konradrenner/kore-javamail .
I have already tested getting notes from KolabNow via this library on my Android phone and it works. 

The next steps would be fixing the sending notes to a Kolab server and implement a new Android 
notes app or extend an extisting open source notes app.

Is there anyone in the community who can help me (coding, designing the ui for the app, etc)?

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