[Kolab-devel] Changing the primary email address via webadmin - and its implications

Daniel Hoffend dh at dotlan.net
Fri Mar 6 12:40:33 CET 2015

Here's the proof that it actually works as expected.

[root at kolab-centos6 ~]# kolab lm
user/lucy.white at example.org
user/lucy.white/Archive at example.org
user/lucy.white/Calendar at example.org
user/lucy.white/Calendar/Personal Calendar at example.org
user/lucy.white/Configuration at example.org
user/lucy.white/Contacts at example.org
user/lucy.white/Contacts/Personal Contacts at example.org
user/lucy.white/Drafts at example.org
user/lucy.white/Files at example.org
user/lucy.white/Freebusy at example.org
user/lucy.white/Journal at example.org
user/lucy.white/Notes at example.org
user/lucy.white/Sent at example.org
user/lucy.white/Spam at example.org
user/lucy.white/Tasks at example.org
user/lucy.white/Trash at example.org
[root at kolab-centos6 ~]# ldapmodify -x -h localhost -p 389 -D 
"cn=Directory Manager" -w test << EOF
 > dn: uid=white,ou=People,dc=example,dc=org
 > changetype: modify
 > replace: mail
 > mail: lucy.black at example.org
 > -
 > replace: sn
 > sn: Black
 > EOF
modifying entry "uid=white,ou=People,dc=example,dc=org"

[root at kolab-centos6 ~]# # wait some seconds
[root at kolab-centos6 ~]# kolab lm
user/lucy.black at example.org
user/lucy.black/Archive at example.org
user/lucy.black/Calendar at example.org
user/lucy.black/Calendar/Personal Calendar at example.org
user/lucy.black/Configuration at example.org
user/lucy.black/Contacts at example.org
user/lucy.black/Contacts/Personal Contacts at example.org
user/lucy.black/Drafts at example.org
user/lucy.black/Files at example.org
user/lucy.black/Freebusy at example.org
user/lucy.black/Journal at example.org
user/lucy.black/Notes at example.org
user/lucy.black/Sent at example.org
user/lucy.black/Spam at example.org
user/lucy.black/Tasks at example.org
user/lucy.black/Trash at example.org
Now we need to find the cases where this fails


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Betreff: Re: [Kolab-devel] Changing the primary email address via 
webadmin - and its implications

>>Hello Thomas
>I just tried to reproduce your bug. I'm also using a centos6 VM with 
>kolab:devel packages. I've tried to reproduce the renaming error but 
>couldn't force it. In my test scenario (same like yours) the whole 
>mailbox got renamed as expected.
>to get a more complete debug log of what kolabd is doing i've restarted 
>it with debug options (-d9)
># /etc/sysconfig/kolabd
>FLAGS="--fork -l warning -d 9"
>+ service kolabd restart
>>3. Lucy just got married and now goes by "Lucy White". Change her 
>>Surname in Webadmin to "White". This assigns a new primary email 
>>address lucy.white at example.org. The secondary email address now shows 
>>"white at example.orgl.white@example.org" in the webadmin interface. Huh?
>The that's okay, the generate function will add the additional emails 
>the list and don't touch other generated or manually added secondary 
>mail addresses
>>kolabd seems to detect the change and attempts to rename the mailbox 
>>accordingly. This is from the debug log:
>Yepp, that's also correct
>>pykolab.imap INFO Renaming INBOX from user/lucy.black at example.org to 
>>user/lucy.white at example.org
>>pykolab.imap ERROR Could not rename INBOX folder 
>>user/lucy.black at example.org to user/lucy.white at example.org
>That's the part where we would need additional debug output. Maybe can 
>you restart the kolabd with debug log level? Did you hit any permission 
>problems? MAybe selinux got reactived somehow and wouldn't let you 
>rename it or whatever? Can you find any other hints why cyrus can't 
>rename the mailbox? Maybe set "debug: 1" in /etc/imapd.conf and restart 
>cyrus and retry again.
>Best Regards
>Daniel Hoffend

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