[Kolab-devel] Changing the primary email address via webadmin - and its implications

Daniel Hoffend dh at dotlan.net
Fri Mar 6 12:27:32 CET 2015

>Hello Thomas
I just tried to reproduce your bug. I'm also using a centos6 VM with 
kolab:devel packages. I've tried to reproduce the renaming error but 
couldn't force it. In my test scenario (same like yours) the whole 
mailbox got renamed as expected.

to get a more complete debug log of what kolabd is doing i've restarted 
it with debug options (-d9)

# /etc/sysconfig/kolabd
FLAGS="--fork -l warning -d 9"

+ service kolabd restart

>3. Lucy just got married and now goes by "Lucy White". Change her 
>Surname in Webadmin to "White". This assigns a new primary email 
>address lucy.white at example.org. The secondary email address now shows 
>"white at example.orgl.white@example.org" in the webadmin interface. Huh?
The that's okay, the generate function will add the additional emails 
the list and don't touch other generated or manually added secondary 
mail addresses

>kolabd seems to detect the change and attempts to rename the mailbox 
>accordingly. This is from the debug log:
Yepp, that's also correct

>pykolab.imap INFO Renaming INBOX from user/lucy.black at example.org to 
>user/lucy.white at example.org
>pykolab.imap ERROR Could not rename INBOX folder 
>user/lucy.black at example.org to user/lucy.white at example.org
That's the part where we would need additional debug output. Maybe can 
you restart the kolabd with debug log level? Did you hit any permission 
problems? MAybe selinux got reactived somehow and wouldn't let you 
rename it or whatever? Can you find any other hints why cyrus can't 
rename the mailbox? Maybe set "debug: 1" in /etc/imapd.conf and restart 
cyrus and retry again.

Best Regards
Daniel Hoffend
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