[Kolab-devel] Ubuntu precise packages

Axel ar at xlrs.de
Wed Feb 20 10:29:19 CET 2013


> On Tuesday 19 February 2013 23:40:49 Paul Klos wrote:
>> > Where I have to start with building? In which way do you build the
>> > packages?  Do you have an extra invironment to build packages like 
>> a
>> > fakeroot? Is there any tutorial in building kolab packages?
>> There's no no tutorial as such, although there are are plenty 
>> tutorials out
>> there about building Debian packages.

I want to build Ubuntu packages and experienced a little with 

As far as i can see there's just a problem with naming conventions of 
system libraries and my idea was to rebuild existing debian packages.
I would then upload those created packages to my own repo and install 
them directly in my pbuilder system to build dependent packages.

I think all I need is a sort of "dependency list" I can use to build 
packages in right order.

Unfortunately I had some issues with my virtual servers I want to set 
up for a build environment so I had no time to get deeper into that.

regards, Axel

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