[Kolab-devel] Ubuntu precise packages

Paul Klos paul at klos2day.nl
Wed Feb 20 12:42:10 CET 2013

Torsten Grote schreef op 20-02-2013 10:06:
> Hi everybody!
> Since this is a question popping up frequently (also for building 
> Ubuntu
> packages), how about we draft some tutorial on how to build Kolab 
> Debian-like
> packages?
Hi Torsten,

This is certainly a great idea, and such a document would be very 
useful. I know I have tried different things and made various changes to 
my setup, trying to get everything to build. Unfortunately I have not 
been as thorough in documenting all this as I might have been. Well, 
getting the packages actually built has been a priority :-).

My plan was effectively to start over on a virtual machine. Knowing 
what I know now, after having groped around in the dark trying to figure 
out how all this stuff hangs together, I think I could come up with 
something more structured that might actually be of help to others as 



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