[Kolab-devel] Ubuntu precise packages

Paul Klos kolab at klos2day.nl
Tue Feb 19 23:40:49 CET 2013

Op dinsdag 19 februari 2013 22:16:35 schreef Julian Cloos:
> Hi,
> I am searching nice applications for my Raspberry Pi and I think running Kolab 
> 3 on the Raspberry Pi will be a funny project. 

Nice :-), I'd be curious to know how well Kolab runs on one of those. I used to run Kolab (2.3) on a PowerPC with 512MB of RAM, and it ran well enough with 5 users, so I guess it should be possible.

> As I see that you currently not 
> provide arm packages of Kolab 3, I would try to build such packages. But I 
> need an hint in building packages because that will be the first time for me. I 
> already read some threads about building packages but I don't know exactly 
> which packages I need to bulid. 
> Here some questions in the beginning:
> Where I have to start with building? In which way do you build the packages? 
> Do you have an extra invironment to build packages like a fakeroot? Is there 
> any tutorial in building kolab packages?

There's no no tutorial as such, although there are are plenty tutorials out there about building Debian packages.

We use git-buildpackage to build the debian packages. If you setup an ARM virtual machine I suppose that should work. If your setup has a different architecture, like amd64, you're looking at cross-building. I'm sure that's possible as well, but I have no personal experience.

We use debhelper as well, which takes care of the fakeroot stuff and many other things.

You'll find all the relevant git repositories here: http://git.kolabsys.com/apt. The files in the debian/ subdirectory control the building of the package. Especially control and rules would be of interest.

If you want to get Kolab running on you Raspberry Pi, you'll need to build the architecture-dependent packages, like (at least) libkolab and libkolabxml. These are the ones that have Architecture: any in debian/control.



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