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>> This would be the "letter" module in the incubator of the CVS repository
> I pulled that and wanted to take a look at it, but woe is me! It wants
> H4. Makes sense, but not for us.
>> If you want IMAP backend support for Gollem, this would actually
>> simply be another backend for Horde's VFS library.
> Unfortunately, VFS seems to be... well yes, file system oriented. It
> knows about things like copying files around and somesuch, but it
> doesn't know anything about things like tagging (which we want very
> much). I think meddling with the actual Horde core for this is not
> what anyone wants.
> So perhaps, no Gollem for us after all.

As mentioned in my other mail a Kolab VFS driver exists.

>> all new development should happen for Horde 4
> I can, of course, see where you're coming from. But the people who pay
> me want something very akin to what they have now, they want it for
> Kolab and they want it now. As such, I came up with this little app on
> my own which still uses H3. As soon as Kolab Release switches to H4,
> we will just port it (I suppose).
> -------------
> So yes, this would be where we are now, supporting a (somewhat)
> outdated framework (only), but up and running nonetheless. This app
> makes no attempt to be very abstract (*grumble*) and relies on Horde
> to deal with permissions ;P (the 'share' mechanism does that for us).
> For now, the only implemented mode of storage is Kolab (i.e. IMAP
> storage).
> So, for anyone wanting to try this out (I suppose the Kolab crowd will
> be more inclined to do so than the Horde crowd), here is the current
> snapshot.
> Features:
>      * upload any file into any of a set of (non-hierarchical) folders
>      * assign 'pending'/'in progress'/'resolved' state
>      * assign category (Horde-operated category management is used)
>      * assign tags
>      * encrypt symmetrically via password
>      * search for and filter list of files by somesuch criteria
>      * view or download files
> Perhaps some sort of API docs shall follow some day.

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