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Tue May 11 10:40:46 CEST 2010

> Hm, I'm not yet certain you'd really want to store that in IMAP   
> though. [...] in that specific case you might easily get
> performance problems. Assume you have a team of about a hundred  
> co-workers that are  constantly polling IMAP for new messages. And  
> in case some of them are active chatters you quickly fill your IMAP  
> folder with plenty of messages.

That's my line exactly. But the answer goes somewhat like this: "I  
have hundreds of events in my Kronolith calendar and it never takes  
more than a moment to load." So, people want an IMAP backend, they get  
an IMAP backend.

Despite this being a theoretical nightmare, runtime complexity-wise,  
when everyone is hanging out in the webmailer portion of the web  
client they are constantly polling for new messages anyway. Also, from  
what I could make out going through the Horde code, it seems a lot of  
this is dumped into the Horde cache (whereever that may be), so  
perhaps it's not *that* bad.

Then again, perhaps it is. At any rate, adding another storage backend  
can still save you if you actually have hundreds of people merrily  
chatting when they should be working -- according to the Boss Man(tm),  
the most important thing is "offline availability", so everyone wants  
Kontact (or whatever the client is called these days) to pull the  
messages down to disk in the usual manner. Hence, IMAP storage.

> An alternative might be to store the data in memcached first and   
> archive it into IMAP for later review.

I guess the possibility of an external client asynchronously pulling  
the objects makes this somewhat hairy. As the state of development is  
now, messages are archived to separate IMAP folders after a while, so  
the actual "inbox" should stay fairly clean unless very heavily used.

> However we don't support Horde 4 on the Kolab server at the moment.  
> [...] then you should go for Horde 3.

That's the idea, yes. I dread the day we have to port everying from 3  
to 4 already. :-/

> Can you do you me a favor and  pipe as many questions and critical  
> comments as possible concerning  the Kolab_* libraries to this  
> channel?

(insert sinister laughter)
I figure I can do that some time.

> > here is the current snapshot.
> Your mail didn't have an attachment.

That is a kind of weird feature of Imp (?) I stumbled across -- they  
call it "link attachments". Trying to save bandwidth, I happily  
enabled that, so amidst the clutter all the servers add to the  
message, there actually was a stanza going like this:


Simon Bausch

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