[Kolab-devel] [issue2570] Inconsistent use of user and group assignments in some config files

Richard Bos kolab-issues at intevation.de
Thu Mar 27 22:44:41 CET 2008

New submission from Richard Bos <ml at radoeka.nl>:

Inconsistent use of user and group assignments.

Have a look at the output of the command:

kolabd/templates> grep ^O.*webserver *

As these files are mostly used by the webserver it seems normal, that all
their usr and grp settings are the same.  Thus:
1. httpd.conf.template.in:OWNERSHIP=@webserver_musr@:@webserver_grp@
2. httpd.local.template.in:OWNERSHIP=@webserver_musr@:@webserver_grp@
3. php.ini.template.in:OWNERSHIP=@webserver_musr@:@webserver_grp@
4. session_vars.php.template.in:OWNERSHIP=@webserver_musr@:@webserver_grp@

Change on line 1. webserver_usr to webserver_musr
and on line 3. kolab_grp to webserver_grp

For kolab (openpkg) the change on line 3. is trivial:
> grep webserver_grp= kolab results in

The change on line 1. I can't judge for kolab (openpkg)
> grep webserver_musr= kolab
> grep webserver_usr= kolab

Looking at the other files (2. 3. and 4.) it should be okay, if not the
other files won't work....

Please let me know if this can be changed.  I'll wait with the commit till
after the 2.2 release.

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nosy: martin, rbos, thomas, wrobel
priority: bug
status: unread
title: Inconsistent use of user and group assignments in some config files
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