kolab debian 7.4, database error and address book issue

Henning henne.gwath at gmx.de
Wed May 14 11:50:09 CEST 2014


I think you have configured roundcube to store contacts via 'kolab'
backend, correct? So, there should not be your mysql database involved
when creating a new contact.
You are creating a new contact, so what you see in roundcube is an empty
personal addressbook?

I guess this could be a kolabformat (so php) related problem. Watch your
webserver and roundcube logs, while performing the described.


Am 14.05.2014 02:50, schrieb fasfas:
> Hi Jan and Et al,
> First of all , I appreciated your reply. For the address book/contacts
> part, it's user's contacts (not global one).
> I am using Roundcube and tried "+" button to add new contacts. It seemed
> taking the info, but it's gone as soon as you are done with it.
> Any specific setting that I have to touch to make this work?
> thanks

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