kolab debian 7.4, database error and address book issue

Henning henne.gwath at gmx.de
Wed May 14 14:16:36 CEST 2014


you're right. But, if logging is enabled, roundcube should complain
about missing tables. Not long ago that I noticed, that an additional
"expires"-column was needed in all cache-tables after an upgrade.

If you don't trust your database setup, have a look at the files here:


and verify if you have everything you need. However, there is no
"expires" column (maybe we should report this to kolab-development)...
But I really think roundcube would complain about this. Have a look at


Am 14.05.2014 13:13, schrieb Jan Kowalsky:
> Hi,
> Am 14.05.2014 11:50, schrieb Henning:
>> Hi,
>> I think you have configured roundcube to store contacts via 'kolab'
>> backend, correct? So, there should not be your mysql database involved
>> when creating a new contact.
>> You are creating a new contact, so what you see in roundcube is an empty
>> personal addressbook?
>> I guess this could be a kolabformat (so php) related problem. Watch your
>> webserver and roundcube logs, while performing the described.
>> Regards,
>> Henning
> doesn't need roundcube nevertheless the mysql-table kolab_cache_contact?
> Have you looked if this table exists?
> Regards
> Jan

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