2.2.1/Horde: unable to save filter settings mor than once?

Christian Funke funke at hiskp.uni-bonn.de
Wed Apr 15 11:21:17 CEST 2009

Hi Albert, hello List,

the same happened to me just now. Saving filters was working fine
and now it suddenly stopped. I investigated it a little and can track it down
to the fact that the weblcient does not store the new filters in the 
users.prefs file. The filter rules on the server are actually correctly 
updated. Did you resolve your problem? If yes how?

Gunnar if you are reading this, do you have any clues?

Greets Christian 

Am Mittwoch 08 April 2009 20:51:12 schrieb Albrecht Dreß:
> Hi all,
> more from testing Kolab 2.2.1, self-compiled on Ubuntu 8.04.2/i386:
> 1. run "rm
> /kolab/var/kolab/www/client/storage/test1 at my-domain.com.prefs"
> 2. Log into horde with the traditional UI.  Horde says "Last login:
> Never".
> 3. Select "Spam filter" on the log-on page, set the level to 4 and
> select a folder.  Then click "Save and enable".  The filter script
> looks fine.
> 4. Log off, and log on again with the same account.  Again, select
> "Spam filter", and now change the spam level to, say, 1 and click
> Save.  Again, the script looks fine.
> 5. Log off, and log on again with the same account, select "Spam
> filter".  The spam filter settings are back to those from step 3.  If I
> click the "Script" button *without saving the filter before*, Horde
> shows a script reflecting the settings from step 3, but sieveshell
> still reports those from step 4.
> The same seems to happen with *all* filters, e.g. instead of the spam
> filter, I tried to set different recipients for forwarding.  The first
> time, Horde saves the value, any subsequent fails.
> For forwarding, I could make Horde save the new settings by clicking
> "Save and disable", and then immediately "Save and enable", but that
> trick doesn't work for the spam level.  Weird...
> Any ideas?
> Thanks, Albrecht.
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