Kolab 2.1-RC1 + new horde: failed apache dependancy??

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Thu Feb 15 12:13:16 CET 2007

Hi Alan,

> I downloaded and installed the new Horde for Kolab 2.1-RC1 according to the 
> Wiki page.  I used the "obmtool" method at first, but then also tried it the 
> way decsribed in the "More Detailed View" section of the Wiki page, but the 
> problem is the same.
> When any of the Horde packages are rebuilt the following error is reported:
> install horde-<package name>
> rebuild horde-<package name>
> error: Failed build dependancies:
>           apache is needed by horde-<package name>
> I am on Ubuntu 6.10.  I saw that there are binaries for Ubuntu, but the Wiki 
> page mentioned that they are for Ubuntu 6.06, so I didn't think they would 
> work so well on 6.10.
> Please advise.  I look forward to hearing from you. :-)

The missing apache dependency sounds strange. Did you check that
apache was build correctly on your machine?



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