Running Mandrake 10.0 -> best way to install Kolab?

Martin Konold martin.konold at
Tue Dec 21 18:42:26 CET 2004

Am Montag, 20. Dezember 2004 08:30 schrieb Scott Newton:

Hi Scott,

> On Mandrake the tmp directory for root is not /tmp, it's /root/tmp.
> # env | grep tmp
> TMPDIR=/root/tmp
> TMP=/root/tmp
> As I was starting Kolab as root, this is what was being set as the
> temporary directory in the apache and php sessions. The user kolab-n though
> doesn't have permissions to write to that directory.
> Changing TMP and TMPDIR to point to /tmp and then starting Kolab allowed me
> to configure Horde.

Thank you very much!

Offering summaries like yours are extremely welcome as it makes our web 
archive and knowledge base much more useful.

-- martin

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