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David Faure dfaure at
Wed Oct 27 19:57:51 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 14:08, David Faure wrote:
> OK after a discussion with Martin on IRC we decided on
> /vendor/kolab/incidences-for
> with value.shared set to "nobody", "owner" or "readers".

Little problem here: it's easy for the server ('s freebusy script)
to know who's the owner of a folder.
But it's not easy for the client to find that out - not with cyrus-specific 
heuristics, which we might as well avoid if possible.

=> Would it be OK to remove "owner" and add "admins" instead?
"admins" would mean: anyone with ACL Admin rights on the folder.
This is easier to check, and very consistent with "readers".

In the boss/secretary scenario, would it be correct to say that the secretary
won't have Admin permissions on the boss' folders? I don't think he/she
needs it, only Write permissions.

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