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Am Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2004 19:57 schrieb David Faure:

Hi David,

> But it's not easy for the client to find that out - not with cyrus-specific
> heuristics, which we might as well avoid if possible.

Well, you can simply look at the path of the folder and then you will see that 
it is a subfolder of the inbox which tells you that it is an account and not 
an anoymous shared folder.

> => Would it be OK to remove "owner" and add "admins" instead?
> "admins" would mean: anyone with ACL Admin rights on the folder.
> This is easier to check, and very consistent with "readers".

I think this is a real option but of course it means granting admin permission 
has then unexpected side effects.

What do other think? What about the usability of such a semantic?

-- martin

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