Roundcubemail FR: don't jump on new mail arrival and new mail by folder

hede kolab983 at
Tue Jan 10 09:23:58 CET 2023

Hi all,

I'm using Kolab 16 on Debian 10.

Just as a note, maybe to myself:
I have the following issues with or maybe feature requests for 

  - I've subscribed to some mailing lists with high throughput, hence 
several new mails arrive per hour. That's not a problem in general as I 
have sieve filters to sort them into folders to handle them in bursts - 
concentrate on one of those lists one in a while. But roundcubemail 
gives a notification for every single mail. That's annoying. On the 
other side I don't want to switch notifications off for all folders. I'd 
like to switch notification off for some folders but leave it on for at 
least the main inbox plus some specific folders.

  - If I'm reading one of the mailing lists I have to scroll down the 
list of mails inside the folder but Roundcubemails jumps up to the top 
with every new mail arrival - that's annoying, I do have to scroll down 
several times if I read mails for specific mailinglists.

Both points are really annoying for my use case. Maybe someone had the 
same issues and a good solution to them?


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