permanently decrypt OpenPGP encrypted mails

hede kolab983 at
Tue Nov 22 11:01:55 CET 2022

Hi list,

Roundcube supports encrypted Emails, OpenPGP, encrypting and decrypting. 
Is there a way to permanently decrypt received Emails in the imap 
storage on the server? Think of some easy way to do so.

Say for example if you receive some OpenPGP encrypted Email and you 
trust your imap server, there could be some button "decrypt permanently" 
in the mail view after it got decoded. Then the next time you do not 
need the Key or Password. Or for example have a shared inbox with 
coworkers. Or having a secretary owning the keys and decode Emails which 
are relevant for others in some shared folder. etc. (without having to 
forward them via an additional full round through the mail system!)

Not doing so automatically but on request via some button the user can 
judge which Emails are fine to get stored decrypted and which must 
remain encrypted at server side.


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