debian roundcube plugins

Mihai Badici mihai at
Fri Nov 18 14:41:36 CET 2022

roundcube commit 3f8c4680c3033d5e930333bc4276b0c455715b3f

kolab pluginscommit b06f1e394180f2aa5946b2cd3319a165c3d4da5f

After installing and configuring the kolab objects ( contacts, agenda 
records ) can be created but not displayed.

IN SQL we have 2013110400.sql:ALTER TABLE `kolab_cache_contact` CHANGE 
`xml` `xml` LONGTEXT NOT NULL;

But it seems the field xml is sometime null. This is valid for all cache 

Solved by allowing null like alter table  kolab_cache_freebusy modify 
xml longblob null for all tables.

Another old problem in debian isthe packaged php-sabre is old and 
incompatible with modern roundcube libcalendaring plugin.

I just run composer install in libcalendaring plugin and copied all 
content of vendor/sabre/vobject to /usr/share/php/Sabre/VObject

Not really elegant but it works.

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