Kolab 2 ldap issue

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Sat Jun 23 20:15:19 CEST 2018


I am still using Kolab 2, and have an installation running for a charity.

Problem is that one of the other system managers messed up the 
installation, by trying to set up postfix and fetchmail (don't ask me 

The error that I get is invalid credentials on any LDAP action. That 
means that somehow either the password was changed (which I don't 
believe) or the configuration. The error I get when trying to login in 
the kolab management console is:

Could not bind to LDAP server: Invalid credentials

I thought I knew where those credentials were stored and how to update 
them, but so far nothing that I tried worked.
In the end I did a kolab_bootstrap -b, but not even that is working. I 
get the same error!

Has anyone of you a good idea on how to debug this?




Tom Reijnders
TOR Informatica
Chopinlaan 27
5242HM Rosmalen
Tel: 073 5226191
Fax: 073 5226196

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