Kolab 3.4 Auto responder does not work for external emails

Homer Dokes hdokes at mail.inct.net
Tue Jul 11 16:09:39 CEST 2017


I have two separate Kolab 3.4 email servers that have been in use for 
over a year.  One feature we have never been able to get working on 
either of them is the ability to 'auto respond' to emails who's origins 
are outside the local domain using the 'vacation' set up within 
Roundcubemail.  Further, it is apparent that there is a glitch in the 
time options as the drop down menu shows times from 00:00 pm to 23:59 
am.  You'll notice the pm and the am are not accurate.

If an email originates from another mailbox from within the local domain 
being serviced by the email server than an auto respond message is sent 
to the senders local mail box.  If the senders email is originating from 
some other domain (i.e. email server) than the message does not get sent.

The 'rule' setup does show up in the /var/log/roundcubemail/sieve log 
file and I have tried to do this in both the provided 'vacation' setup 
within roundcubemail and also creating a new 'filter' and neither will work.

Any information that can be provided to overcome this issue would be 
greatly appreciated.



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