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Christian Tardif christian.tardif at
Wed Oct 30 02:38:46 CET 2013

Wheter the cert thing be in the install script, or it is documented that 
we need to create the certs manually. I personally don't care. Now, I'm 
able to test all the features I need to test, integrate dkim (which 
definitely helped a lot to avoid outgoing emails being treated as spam, 
integrating the use of Postgrey (reduced incoming spam by more than 75% 
on my previous Kolab 2.x installations.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to integrate these as part of the 
installation?  That would make the mail setup even stronger in regard 
with incoming spam and outgoing mail reputation, and is very easy to 
manage (Postgrey is a one-time config, and DKIM only need a script to 
care about multi-domain, plus some TXT records in DNS...

Feeling much better to finally getting on the same page as you guys...


On 2013-10-29 06:06, Christian Hügel wrote:
> Am 29-10-2013 03:31, schrieb Christian Tardif:
>> Hi,
>> I'm actually set up with Kolab 3.1 (nightly build from Oct 22) and
>> just completed installation with setup-kolab script. Left all proposed
>> passwords in place, only changed the proposed domain to something
>> else. Then, I followed instructions for Multi Domains. All done
>> without apparent problems.
>> I logged on the kolab Web Admin interface to create my first user....
>> then waited, and waited...  until I went to pykolab.log to find out
>> that the script wasn't able to connect to Cyrus IMAP server (Port 993
>> is available). Then I checked in the maillog log to find out that TLS
>> wasn't setup properly.  In fact, there's nothing at all in the
>> /etc/pki/cyrus-imapd directory. So it looks that the certificate setup
>> did not complete.
>> What can I do, now?
>> My installation is on a stock CentOS 6.4. I didn't see any particular
>> issue at install time. But something indeed went wrong...
>> Christian...
> Yes, for some reason no certificates are generated when running 
> setup-kolab.
> It would be nice if the install script also generates some self signed 
> certs.
> For now, you have to generate your certificate after the installation. 
> There are
> planty of tutorials how to do that (here´s one in german but you know 
> the drill
> Chris
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