Kontact 4.11.2 sends mail as organiser when responding to invitations

ITSEF Admin itsef-admin at brightsight.com
Tue Oct 22 13:23:35 CEST 2013

On Monday 21 October 2013 18:21:08 itsef-admin wrote:
> during my tests on Kontact 4.11.2 (Kubuntu 13.10), I ran into a rather odd
> problem: When I respond to an invitation, I get an error message that
> sending the response failed. When I look at the outbox, I notice that the
> response message has the mail address of the organiser of the event as
> "From:". Sending of the mail is subsequently denied by the server (Kolab
> V2.x), as sending mails with a sender other than oneself is not allowed.
> Explicitly configuring a "custom sender" in the corresponding SMTP account
> *seems* to resolve that

Further tests show that explicitly setting the sender has some other side 
- The server *does* accept the response mail
- The organise *does* get a response
- The attendee, however, *also* receives an "Undelivered Mail Returned to 
Sender" mail which states that the "From:" header in the response mail is 
regarded as forged.

I reckon that this is caused by the mismatch between Sender (attendee, forced 
in settings) and From (which is still the organiser of the event).

Obviously, this situation is undesirable, as it will lead to confusion. Hence, 
the question remains: *Why* is the response sent with the organiser as 
Sender/From in the first place?!


	Thomas Ribbrock, IT-Team brightsight

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