Kontact 4.11.2 sends mail as organiser when responding to invitations

ITSEF Admin itsef-admin at brightsight.com
Mon Oct 21 18:21:08 CEST 2013

Hi all,

during my tests on Kontact 4.11.2 (Kubuntu 13.10), I ran into a rather odd 
problem: When I respond to an invitation, I get an error message that sending 
the response failed. When I look at the outbox, I notice that the response 
message has the mail address of the organiser of the event as "From:". Sending 
of the mail is subsequently denied by the server (Kolab V2.x), as sending 
mails with a sender other than oneself is not allowed. Explicitly configuring 
a "custom sender" in the corresponding SMTP account *seems* to resolve that 
(haven't fully tested all scenarios yet), but it still seems odd to me that 
this is happening - can't remember ever having a problem with this under 
Kontact e35. Anybody out there who has an idea what might be going on here? In 
case it's important: All invitations so far were sent using the older e35 
version of Kontact.

All hints welcome!


	Thomas Ribbrock, IT-Team brightsight

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