Deleted Mail are still there

Antonio Straziota devgioiatech at
Mon Oct 14 15:52:41 CEST 2013

Hi all,
any idea about that?

I'd like to know if somebody has encountered the same problem.


2013/10/10 Antonio Straziota <devgioiatech a>

> Hi all,
> there is a strange issue: I use POP3 account on thunderbird client.
> Account is configured to delete email older than 1 day (for testing
> purpose).
> After mail check from thunderbird, I checked on roundcube mail and old
> mail were deleted, but...
> if I register the same account on another mail client (like on tablet or
> other desktop client) it download also old email.
> I tried to delete email by myself on roundcube mail. The issue is the
> same. Deleted mail are still there and are downloaded again.
> Any Idea?
> Thanks,
> Antonio.
> (Debian Wheezy - Kolab 3.0 - Development repo)
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